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Leak detection

Leak detection is one of the important precautions that you can do to prevent unexpected accidents and surprises in your plumbing systems. We specialise in leak detection, repair, maintenance and rectification of underground cables, piping systems, and bathrooms. We have years of experience in thermal imaging, acoustic detection, data logging, pressure, correlation and tracing.

We can determine if there are any other problems with your plumbing systems and diagnose and provide solutions and options. We can accurately locate, diagnose and fix difficult leaks without compromising the other parts of your plumbing system.


Signs of a leak

  • Water flow noise – Continuous water flow noise while your taps are turned off.
  • A sudden increase in the water bill.
  • Water stains on walls, ceiling and floor – Discoloration or moisture in these areas.
  • Bad odour – From your floors and walls.
  • Or just visibly leaking out of a faucet, drain, or joinery.


Leak detection

Our water leak detection services also include:

  • Locate the source of unexplained moisture and leaks.
  • Find water leaks under concrete slabs, driveways, and retaining walls.
  • Locate leaks on main pipelines.
  • Water irrigation, stormwater, sewer and septic line locations.
  • Digital CCTV sewer and pipe inspection.
  • Pipe relining and maintenance.

Whether it is a simple leaky faucet, toilet, shower, or a burst pipe within your walls, we’ve got you covered.


Leaking shower

These areas are where leaks usually occur in your bathroom and shower:

  • Around the shower recess.
  • Shower roses.
  • Pipes within the wall cavities.
  • Toilet cisterns.
  • Leaking taps.
  • Cracked tiles and poor grouting.
  • Floor waste and shower waste outlets.
  • Defective underfloor drainage.
  • Sliced seals or improperly installed liners.



We offer the following services to fix your shower system:

  • Tile sealing..
  • Repair of shower seal.
  • Shower tray leaks sealing.
  • Retile for shower or bathroom.
  • Tile regrout.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Fixing leaking showers.



Proper maintenance done by a professional can help households, businesses and industries prevent problems in the plumbing systems, avoid plumbing Backflow Problems.

Our work is covered by our lifetime labour guarantee.
We offer fixed priced quoting, competitive pricing, and great service.


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