Yes. Rydeau Plumbing services the greater Canberra region, as well as Queanbeyan and Murrumbateman. We have maintenance and emergency plumbers available in Canberra and surrounding areas. Please contact our customer service representatives on 02 6189 2424 to discuss your plumbing requirements, request a quote or to arrange a time for a visit or repair.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality service at very competitive rates. Call our customer hotline service on 02 6189 2424 to get advice, for inquiries or to request a quote.

Yes, we are. Our team is licensed, trained and comprised of experienced Canberra plumbers in different fields of the industry. We’re licensed to work in both the ACT (licence no: 2015488) and NSW (licence no: 220022C). We also have Public Liability insurance.

It is Rydeau Plumbing’s commitment to solve your plumbing problems at all times.  Our plumbers have been working for more than 20 years in Canberra, and we have never failed in providing a solution for the plumbing issues that we encounter.

We can take payments via cash, credit card or cheque. We ask for a deposit after an approved quote for large projects and repairs. Completion of payments comes after the completion of our work. To learn more details about the payment options we offer, you can call our representatives on 1300 487 592.

We do not offer warranties for blocked removal services. Upon the completion of the work, we will show you the latest inspection of your pipes through our CCTV drain cameras. We will inform you about the blockage and what causes these. It is up to the client to maintain these conditions after our blockage removal services.

However, we provide our clients with the best course of action to avoid such blocking issues again in the future.

Yes. Rydeau Plumbing can produce detailed reports and professionally written assessment for the projects that we handle. We can also create a comprehensive plan for your rectification, repair or replacement needs as the situation requires.